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How To Care About Eyelash Extensions: Summer Holidays

Hi Girls!

Summer holiday time is officially in full swing! And the perfect addition to your summer look is a flawless set of eyelash extension. But with a hot weather, high humidity and sunny days, there are a few things you should keep in mind when it comes to summer holiday lash aftercare.

Because of high demand and lack of information about semi-permanent eyelash extensions, I have decided to write a blog with helpful tips how to get the most of your extensions and enjoy them more.


Because water is must for summer, with eyelash extensions you don’t need to worry about mascara smearing around your eyes after your midday swim! Lash lovers can enjoy looking effortlessly chick even without any make-up. Lash Dolls by Ann recently have updated treatments in specialist sealant to accelerate the adhesive drying process, so there is no need to wait 48h, and you can enjoy your extensions straight after the treatment! Chlorine and salt water can affect lash retention though, so for best results rinse lashes with clean water post swim and brush through with a clean mascara wand.


When the temperature climbs, the heat dries our skin, hair and nails, it also affects our brows and lashes! Use oil-free sunscreen and hide your lashes under sunglasses or cover your face with cotton cloth. Remember to hydrate yourself too!!!


Skip the studio and head outside for a workout! With lash extensions, you can do yoga, Pilates, spin, run (or any other sweaty activity) worry-free. With great lashes covered, and no mascara drips in sight, you can finally focus on nailing crow pose. After a workout session, rinse the sweat off your lashes, and brush through with a clean

mascara wand.


Use oil free makeup, creams, face wash and makeup removers around eye area. Do not use mascara, eyelash curlers, perm or tint your eyelash extensions. To keep up a healthy lash routine all summer long keep your sunscreen oil-free.


Clean your extensions not only on your holiday but on daily basis. Wash your lashes using a clean makeup brush and oil-free Lash Cleanser, rinse with warm water. Dry your lashes carefully by patting them with a towel and brush them before they get dry. I’m always happy to help and choose the best Eyelash Cleaning Products and present whole washing process. Ask after your treatment xx

Remember even the best aftercare will not work if your eyelash extensions have been applied incorrectly. Choose your Lash Artist wisely! Personally, I make sure that all extensions are applied individually, and natural lashes are isolated. Inappropriate isolation interrupts the growth cycle of the natural lashes, all set looks clumpy/sparse and it is uncomfortable to wear.

Thanks for reading

Lash Dolls By Ann

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